Holiday Letters

Holiday Letter to School


Larry King


York Shire Higher Secondary School

45 Tango Charlie Street

New Land, New Jersey 5678

Dated: 5th of April 2012

Subject: Summer holidays for the school

Dear Mr. King,

I, Garry Lawyer am writing this letter on behalf of the board of trustees of school. I would like to declare two months summer holidays for the school from 15th of April to 14th of June 2012.

Every year we have one month holiday for the students and the staff of the school but this year after lot of discussion we have decided to declare two months summer holidays beginning from the month of April. There is already a constant rise in temperature this year and we believe that it will be difficult for the students to attend school in this heat.

I would request you to pass on this information to the all the staff members and the students.


Garry Lawyer

Board of Trustee

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