Holiday Letters

Holiday Letter Example


Nicky Peterson,

40th Avenue,

Wisconsin 53559


Donald Triumph,

Wisconsin 52786

Dear Mr. Donald,

As you know that holiday season is fast approaching near and also there is very much possibility that I will be out with my kids this time, I will try to make sure that your order should be completed before that.  Considering that your order is of huge quantity, I would like that you assume a couple of weeks more to get those order completed.  I hope that your family would also be having a great time during this season and might be out on a trip.

My trip would be not far away from my house, but then I need few weeks to get my kids what they really look forward during this time of happiness.  During this time, we as a family share the most important togetherness with enjoyment, funny activities, etc.  If you too have same kind of planning in this regard, I would prefer that your family get together with us and have more fun-based activities, etc.

Yours Sincerely,

Nicky Peterson

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