Holiday Letters

Christmas Holiday Letter


Donald Hampton,

New York 56336


Tiny Wilson,

Wisconsin 52006

Dear Tiny,

During this time, it is one of my best parts of my life since we all are blessed to have great time during Christmas season.  I, hereby, wishing you a great happiness with love for you and your family for the said season.  I hope you along with your family members would be planning to go out and have a perfect togetherness.  I wish for better health to your elder parents who will find this season full of joy and fun.

We, at our home, are planning to have a great party with all my relatives including your family so that my kids get surprise, which they have not provided past many months now.   I would therefore wish that your family will be there to take this advantage and also have a blasting during the season as a whole package.  I will certainly wait to listen from you in a positive way.

Yours Truly,

Donald Hampton

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