Acceptance Letters

Harvard Acceptance Letter


Mr Williamson,

Sports Goods and Equipments Department,

Harvard University


Mrs Electra,

Excellence Sports Products,


Dear Mrs Electra,

This letter has come into effect to inform you that the tender, submitted on your behalf, for supplying the sports goods from June 2011 to June 2013, has been accepted. The inspection of the quality of the sports goods from your firm has been satisfying for the requirements from our side. We are expecting that the quality parameter shall be maintained up to the standard which has been showcased during the inspection. A meeting between the two sides is necessary in order to contemplate the minute details of the deal. Hence, we are expecting a word on your part in this context.

The meet between the two sides shall also result in providing you with the details of the sports goods which are required by the University during the first consignment. We are looking forward for a successful and a prosperous business bond between the two of us in the coming future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Williamson

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Acceptance Letters

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