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Great Thank You Letter

Brad Williamson,

1002, Albertville,



June 02, 2011

Charles Richardson,

1003, Albertville,



Dear Charles,

Thank you so much Charles for your Christmas gift Black Jacket which I have been looking for long time but could not find yet. I think you were aware of my like that is why you made such a good effort for finding me my favorite Black Jack. Charles, “Can you please refer the shop where from you have bought the jacket?” One of my friends is also looking for such jacket I thought that I too make his Christmas special by gifting such jacket to him as well.

Charles the jacket is so awesome sheer as per my wish which I never and ever going to forget. I would like to keep it with me and wear it as long as I can. Charles you are my true friend dear who has fulfilled my long lasting ambition by gifting that Jacket.

Thank you once again Charles for the gift. You have made this Christmas really special dear.

Thanks Dude,

Yours Heartedly,

Brad Williamson

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