Resignation Letters

Grateful Resignation Letter


Mr. Parker Fisher

Head Marketing Department

Barry Inc Ltd

C-17, Sixth floor

Barry, South Glamorgan

2 July 2011

Subject: Grateful Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Fisher

I am submitting this letter to resign from my current position in your organization as I am joining as a Senior Marketing Manager with another organization. I am deeply thankful to you and the entire team for guiding me to learn everything about marketing its concepts and their implementation.

I am extremely grateful to you, as without your support I would have not reached to this level. I owe all my success and achievement to your supervision and care. You have helped me as my mentor and taught me even finest thing related to marketing. I hope you will understand my position and decision to join a senior profile.

I wish to get associated with the organization on a continuing basis.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Peter

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