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Graphics Artist Team Supervisor Job Announcement Letter

BBC Media, Inc.

198 Eastwood Avenue,

New York, NY 100121

Dear Employees,

This is to announce that our company is currently looking for a Graphics Artist Team Supervisor who will be tasked to handle teams of graphics artists assigned to work on the visual aspect of our advertising work. We are pleased to announce that we would prioritize our current graphic artists for this position as they are already well-versed on the different aspects of the company’s workload. Below are the specific qualifications for the Graphics Artist Team Supervisor:

A university degree related with Fine Arts, Mutimedia Arts, and Advertising

At least two years tenure in the company

Positive performance record in the company

In addition, the applicant should be endorsed by the current immediate supervisor.

For inquiries and applications, you can approach Ron of the Human Resources Department. You may also call 409-890-7681.


Andrea Rocafort

Human Resource Manager

BBC Media, Inc.

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