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Grant inquiry letter

January 20, 2009

Ms. Pauline Callahan

Women of Charity Foundation

Harold Road, Chingford

London, E5 8SN

Dear Ms. Callahan,

I write to you in behalf of the Heal the World Organization (HWO).  We are seeking project support of ?10,000 from the Women of Charity Foundation for our Build-a-School project.  We deeply appreciate the financial support you provided us last year for our Adopt-a-Child program and we believe our current project will be of interest to your foundation.

The HWO is a non-government organization seeking to provide aid to needy children in Third World countries.  We have been holding annual programs that have already benefited over 50,000 poor children in ten countries.

The Build-a-School project this year aims to put up a school in far-flung areas in Somalia and Nigeria.  The project will timeframe is from January to December 2010, requiring a total amount of ?100,000.

We are more than willing to submit a full project proposal for your perusal.   For inquiries, you may contact us at 020 8528 8529.


Mr. Henry James

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