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Graduation announcement letter

October 5, 2010

Julie Henderson

Parkgate Road

Chester, CH2 4BJ

Dear Mom,

How are you and dad doing?  I hope you are all fine there.  As for me, I have good news to share with everyone.  Just yesterday, my major professor has informed that I have passed all my courses and will be graduating!  The graduation is set on April at the university auditorium.  I am so happy to finally finish my undergraduate degree.  Now, I am closer to my dream of becoming a doctor.

I have sent my application to medical schools.  I hope I get accepted so that our family could have its first doctor.  I am teary-eyed as I write this letter, especially as I remember the hard times that you and Dad had to endure raising us up.  Better times are coming for us at last.

I could hardly wait to see you here on graduation day.  Regards to everyone!



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