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General sympathy letter

Mr. Rick Astley


Sales Department

Comfort Shoes, Inc.

NE 68025

June 30, 2010

Ms. Ashley Kingston

County Rd 11 Ave

Fremont, NE 68025

Dear Ms. Kingston,

We received news about the untimely death of your mother yesterday and I would like to convey our most heartfelt sympathy in behalf of the company.  We know that this is a great loss to you but I hope our sympathies would help ease the pain you are suffering from.

I have been fortunate to have met your mother during one of the family dinners we held last year.  She was a very pleasant woman and entertained us so much with her wit and humor.  I know it must be hard to lose a parent you love so much.  Your colleagues here in the company are one with you in your grief.  Do not worry about the work you have left behind since everyone willingly took a portion of the load.

Please inform us if there is any other way we can extend help.


Rick Astley

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