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General promotion letter

Mr. James Stevens


Black and White Inc.

Brooksville, FL 34613

March 1, 2010

Ms. Catherine Bond

Sales Representative

Black and White Inc.

Brooksville, FL 34613

Dear Ms. Bond,

I would like to inform you that you have been approved for promotion to the position of sales manager starting next month.  Your department head recommended your promotion and after reviewing your performance and qualifications, you have been found to be most suitable to fill the vacant position of sales manager.

Please report to the Human Resources Office within the week for orientation about the job description and discuss the matter of your salary and other benefits.  Your department head will also meet with you soon to brief you about the status of the work you will be continuing.  You may also course your inquiries to him.

Congratulations on your promotion and we hope you continue your excellent performance and dedication to the company.


James Stevens

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