General Letters

General Letters

As Rousseau once said that for writing a good letter, we should begin by not knowing what to say and should finish unaware of what we wrote. This is exactly the key to write good general letters. In the increasing trend of electronic mail and this world of high professionalism, a rare and creative letter is indeed a treat. General letters are one of its kinds which signify a wide range of topics that come within its ambit. An absolute formal language is not followed in this kind of letters and there is often a personal touch added into it. The main purpose of a letter is the conveyance of thoughts. Words used in the letter are the vehicles of thought wherein a person conveys his most personal feelings through a piece of paper and a pen.

Though there is no hard and fast rule of writing a letter, certain things however could be kept in mind while writing these types. They are:

  • It is unwise in a general letter to resort to using unusual words.
  • The objective should be stated very clearly.
  • The tone should be kept formal or informal depending on the topic
  • The letter should be summed up in the end with an appropriate conclusion

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