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General Letter of Reprimand

(Office Letterhead)



Subject:  Letter of Reprimand

  • It has come to my attention that you have violated the company rules pertaining to _____ (describe the offense) last ______ (date).
  • You have been well-oriented about the company rules and regulation when you were first hired by the company and there is no excuse for you not to be aware of these rules.  You were hired based on your excellent credentials and it is unfortunate that you commit such an offense.
  • As per company rules, please heed this letter of reprimand and ensure that the violaation never occurs again.  Do your best in your work to prove you are worthy of the position you hold once more.  If you fail to do so, be prepared to face the consequences of your action which may also include necessary legal action.
  • You are hereby given five days to submit your reply to this letter and appeal for a consideration on the matter.

Please sign the space below to acknowledge receipt of this letter.

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