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General Letter of Recommendation

Mr. John Eastwood

The Hyde, London


June 8, 2010

Mr. Kevin Tidmarsh


London Hospital

London, SW14 7QR

Dear Mr. Tidmarsh,

With pride and honer, I highly recommend Mr. Michael Vinney for the position he is seeking in your company.  Mr. Vinney was a former student of mine and I believe this puts me in a good position to judge his character and capabilities.

Mr. Vinney was an exceptional student in my class and he graduated with honors upon finishing his undergraduate degree.  He was one of the best students I have ever had and he displayed an extaordinary resourcefulness and intelligence in the field of science.  He is also great in balancing his academics with his extra-curricular work.  Aside from this, he has excellent interpersonal skills and deals well with his peers and his teachers.

I personally vouch for him to be a good employee and to bring more success to your company should you choose to employ him.  I hope this recommendation finds your approval.


John Eastwood

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