General Letters

General Employment Letter


Norman Creed

HR Manager

Reindeer Corporation Limited

78 Indiana Polish Street

Indiana, Iowa 8900

Dated: 3rd of April 2012

Respected Mr. Creed,

I am excited to know that your organization is hiring new employees for the vacant positions. It has always been my dream to join a reputed organization like yours.

I would like to apply in your organization for the position of an assistant manager. I believe that I have the required skills sets and knowledge required for this position. I have five years of working industry experience in your type of industry and my previous work experience will help me in the position of an assistant manager. I have excellent leadership skills and believe thinking like an entrepreneur rather than an employee.

It would be an honor if you consider me for the above position. I am looking forward for an interview call from your end.

Thanking you,

John Miller

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