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General Contractor Job Letter


Ms. Morgan,


Heightzz construction ltd


Mr. Stanley,


Reliant construction materials

Hello Mr. Stanley,

I, Ms. Morgan, the site manager of the Heightzz construction ltd, am writing this letter to let you know that you have been selected as the contractor for supplying the construction material for the Javiera Project. The decision has been made on a unanimous basis after studying the quotations made by you in response to the tender offered by our organisation. There are certain things hich are to be made clear before entering into the legal phase of this contract.

You are the best person to know that the job of a contractor is very critical and hence there is no scope of any compromise from your side. There are many other projects wherein the company is contemplating to deal with your construction materials supplying firm. However, the performance under this contract shall be decisive in future dealings. Hoping for a successful and favourable association with your firm, signing off,

Yours sincerely,

Ms Morgan.

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