Fundraising Letters

Fundraising Thank You Letter


Henry Cooper

Green Foods Limited

56 High Hill Road

Indiana, Iowa 7890

Dated: 3rd of April 2012

Subject: Thank you for helping us in raising fund

Respected Mr. Cooper,

I on behalf of Society Helpers Limited would like to thank you for helping us making the charitable event organized by us on 1st of April 2012 possible. It was your monetary contribution that made this event a successful one.

When we had decided to organize this event we had visited a number of reputed organizations in order to raise fund, but none of them had showed interest. It was only your organization that understood the social relevance of the event and agreed to contribute to the fund required in order to organize it.

We would always be grateful for helping us in making this event happen. We are looking forward to such associations in future.

Thanking you,

Brett Lee

Society Helpers Limited

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