Donation Letters

Fundraising Donation Letter


Elisabeth Spencer

General Manager- Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd

King George Apartment, Spring Dale Garden

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 4th, 2012,

Dear Mr. Spencer,

On the behalf of New Life Old Age Home, We would like to share a fundraising donation program with your business organization. New Life Old Age home is a NGO that conducts various charity programs in order to raise funds for the wellbeing of old age people. Please find an information sheet of fundraising enclosed with this donation letter.

We also offer benefits on lifetime sponsorship of New Life Old Age Home donation programs. This fundraising amount will be spent on the development of this old age home.

If you have any question, kindly feel free to contact us at: or you can reach us on: 6879 348 5869. For more information, please log on to our website:

Hope you will support us in this fundraising cause!

Thank you so much for considering this fundraising donation letter.


Diana Smith

New Life Old Age Home

Organizing Manager

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