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Fund raising Donation Letter


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Evan Smith,

The Student Council of Arlington High School is spearheading a fund raising campaign to support the worthy cause of Better World, a non-profit organization, to build schools in underdeveloped nations. Their target location for this year is Sierra Leone in Africa which has a very low literacy rate.

In partnering with Better World, we need your financial support to raise $20,000 to build a school. We will match every dollar that you donate by sitting on the floor of our classroom for a whole day in November. Just look at how your dollar builds a school: $1 buys a dozen brick, $2 buys a box of concrete nails, $15 buys a bag of cement, $20 buys 6 poles, $30 buys a desk for a student, and so on.

We are all excited to do our share in helping students thousands of miles away from us. We are counting on you to make the dreams of children in Sierra Leone a reality. For more information on this project, please visit

Please send your cash donation to the office of the school director and an acknowledgement receipt will be given to your son or daughter.


Kimberley Fields

President – Arlington High School Student Council

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