Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter to Best Friend

Dearest Carol,

Your remembrance needs no special reason! I am writing this letter to convey to you that I miss you so much. Our friendship and bond lasted from our pre schooling and went on to us getting married!

When I look at the people around me, I feel proud to have a best friend like you. You always have been there for me in my good and worst times. I never had a need of anyone else when I had you by my side.  I can rely on you anytime and can trust you blindly.

Our lives made us pre occupied in ourselves and we could not meet. I really wish to meet you this weekend and hope to revive our old joyous time.  It’s a rare thing to find such a helping, caring and trustworthy friend like you.

I will come and pick you up from your home this Saturday. We will go and do all the stupid and silly things together at our favourite places.

With Love,

Jessica Martin.

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