Formal Letters

Format of a Request Letter


Name (Mention the name of the Recipient)

Designation (Write down the Recipient’s Designation)

Organization’s Name (Mention the name of the organization or Group)

Address (Mention the complete address of the recipient)

City/ State (Write the name of the City and State to which the recipient belongs)

Pin Code: (Write the Pin code)

Date (Mention the date on which the letter is being sent)

Respected Sir/Ma’am (You may even right Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. Last Name to address the person)

Subject: Include the main purpose for writing the letter in one line.

First Paragraph: Introduce yourself and let the recipient know as to where you got his information from.

Second Paragraph: State the reason for writing the letter giving details. Write in a requesting tone.

Third Paragraph: Conclude the letter. Tell them the recipient that you await a positive response.

Thanking you,

Name (Write the name of the Sender)

Address (The sender may even mention his/ her address)

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good stuff, educative and detailed. I wont hesitate to refer my buddys, thank you, keep up the sterling work, may God bless you forever.

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