Formal Letters

Formal Persuasive Letter


Mrs. Camellia Hudson,

4th Avenue, Cathedral Street,

Westminster, United Kingdom

March 4th, 2012

Subject: Persuasive Letter for controlling the use of video games among students!

Dear Mrs. Hudson,

As the Principal of King Arthur High School, I am concerned about the increasing craze of video games among students which is affecting the study and behaviour of students. I would request you to limit the use of video games played by your kids.

Video games cause certain adverse effects on the mind of kids such as violence and lack of interest in studies. In addition to that, video games are pillaging the youth by causing excessive sweat, increasing heart rate and high blood pressure, etc.  With excessive use of video games, students prefer in-door game activities rather than out-door healthy games. Furthermore, agile condition, poor performance in studies and drowning health are one of the side effects of video games.

With that said, we, as a school, are trying to control the use of video games for which we seek your valuable contribution to attain this goal. We request you to implement this golden rule at home “video games must be used under strict supervision and time control”.

With the Best Regards,

Edmond Atkinson

Principal- King Arthur High School

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