Formal Letters

Formal Permission Letter


Ms. Diane Spencer

Lecturer- Engineering & Technology Department

Queens College of Engineering and Technology

Hudson Street, Baker’s Market,

London, United Kingdom

March 15th, 2012

Subject: Permission for accessing research Articles & Thesis.

Dear Ms. Spencer,

With the reference to our recent telephonic conversation & letter correspondence, I would like inform you that Professor Andrew Smith has granted you the permission to use his official research papers and scientific thesis including printed articles during your M. Tech degree. Kindly find enclosed the permission document on which your signatures are required to abide by the terms & conditions.

As per permission clauses, you are solely permitted to use the aforementioned official thesis and paper without making any changes to it. You are not allowed to re- draft or to imprint any content out of these patented scientific & technical articles.

In case you have any question or query, please feel free to contact us on 7989 495 9697 or you can reach us at:

Wish you all the Best for your M. Tech Degree!

Thank you,

Emma Atkinson

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