Formal Letters

Formal Letter


Sophia Johns

Admin Executive

ABC Group

Q-25, Chemsford Street


16th January 2012

Subject: Formal letter for aranging a meeting

Respected Ma’am

I am writing this letter to request you to arrange a formal meeting between our company and the client who visited us last week with the proposal of providing us our required office equipments at a price lower than the actual market rate. As you are aware that we have recently set up our business and are in need of most of the office equipments, it would be appreciated if you can arrange for the meeting at the earliest.

You may inform the client that we have gone through their proposal and would like to deal with them. However, a formal meeting is required to discuss certain terms and conditions on both the sides.

You may arrange the meeting at a place convenient to the client and inform me about the same.


Peter Andrew

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