Appeal Letters

Financial Aid Suspension Letter

Charles Wilson,


Wilson Health Club,


June 06, 2011

Thomas Taylor,

Thomas ABC Inc,


Dear Mr. Thomas,

It has been great dilemma on our side since we have heard the news of your financial aid suspension. We were very optimistic about the financial aid from and did not expect such sudden suspension.

However, we appeal you to reconsider your decision of such suspension of the financial aid. It is quite possible that you might have got wrong information about us which made you to take such decision of suspension. So we request you to do not get into such rumor and make a wise decision.

We hope that our appeal will make an impact on you to reconsider your decision. We were very optimistic and still very optimistic about the financial aid from your side.

We hope that you will give a positive response to this letter.

Thank You,


Charles Wilson

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