Fax Letters

Fax Letters

In today’s trend of job hunting, fax letters seem to be a contingency and an obvious alternative to snail mails and email. Fax letters are indeed a combination of the speedy qualities of emailing and the hard copy features of the contemporary snail mails. Many companies nowadays explicitly state the use of fax letters as an efficient means of getting information without the slowness of snail mails or the difficulty in filtering of the emails. Fax lettering might seem to be lucrative but it has still not gained that reliability as and when it could take position of all the other means of sending a letter.

One ought not brag too much or stuff the fax letter in huge blocks of text. A copy of it must be kept with the sender. The most important items to be included in a fax letter are:-

  • Details should be made on the name of the sender and the number of pages in the fax.
  • A title with the contact details, date, subject, the receiver company and any relevant comments should be attached with the document.
  • If one decides to put a logo, he could properly show it up in black and white on the fax letter head.

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