Scholarship Letters

Sample scholarship letter

Sample scholarship letter



Parlie Syroz,

Barnard College,

Columbia University,



Barclay College

607, N,Kingman


Kansas- 67059

Dear Scholarship Donor,

As I have passed my BA Journalism final year exams, I am searching the sources for my higher studies.  By the searches, I have made in Google I came to know that your Institution is   awarding scholarships to various study activities and I believe that I am a right candidate for that. Thereby, I want to know more about your scholarship programs and conditions for repayment.

I have the ambition to do my master degree from a well reputed university and I hope that you institution is apt for making that dream in to a reality. I want to do my master studies from your university.  If you send the catalogue of your institution, I can get more information about that.

Kindly verify the documents attached hereby and I have also attached a self addressed envelope for sending me the Application form.


Parlie Syroz

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