Farewell Letters

Farewell Letter to Manager


Mr. John Price

5000 Auburn Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 94203

Mr. Johnny Slate

Apex Construction Company

700 Cypress Avenue

Redding, CA 96001

Dear Mr. Slate,

As I have informed you in our meeting last week, my last working day at Apex Construction Company is Friday next week, (Specify Date). I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of my gratitude for being part of your dynamic team for the last five years.

Having you as my mentor was such a privilege. I have never known a manager who was as generous as you in imparting your knowledge to every subordinate. You have shown me how to become a well rounded individual not only in my work but as well as in dealing with other people. You’ve boosted my confidence especially during the most trying moments when I was about to quit due to tremendous pressure.

It is with heavy heart that I am leaving this company but there are certain points in one’s life that a big decision must be tackled. I need to move on to new heights and responsibilities as far as my career objectives are concern.

I will be at hand to endorse all projects and responsibilities to my successor and will ensure that a smooth transition will be in place. I may be reached at my home phone number 916-227-xxxx or my email


John Price

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