Farewell Letters

Farewell Letter to Boss


Ms. Caroline Gasser

10101 Lake Victoria Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

Ms. Roselyn Sullivan

Great Crest Company

650 SW Becker Road

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952

Dear Ms. Sullivan,

As discussed with you during our last meeting, Friday next week, (Specify Date) will be my last day as an employee of Great Crest Company. I have spent ten wonderful years of my life in this great company.

With your tremendous encouragement and mentoring, I have finally accepted the challenging position as Marketing Manager at Global Communications Limited. I would not have gone this far in my career life without your unwavering support.  You have taught me all the things I have to know to become a good follower and eventually becoming a good leader as well. You showed me how to be humble and see the greatness in others. You lead by example and for sure I will emulate that character in my new job.

I will endorse all unfinished tasks to whomever you will assign to take my post. For a smooth transition, you may get in touch with me at my mobile number 1-954-414-xxxx or email


Caroline Gasser

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