Farewell Letters

Farewell Letter to Colleagues


Members of  the sales department

Hard Core Solutions Limited

78 Universal High Street

North Ireland, New Dakota 4890

Dated: 4th of January 2012

Subject: Letter to bid you farewell

Dear Colleagues,

I want to bid farewell to you all as I am leaving my position of a sales executive from 7th of January 2012. I am resigning from this organization as I have to move to a different city.

I have enjoyed working in this organization in the company of wonderful colleagues like you all. I am happy thinking about the fact that I got the opportunity to work with you all. You all have supported me throughout my two years tenure in this organization and taught me about team bonding. If I have excelled at my work, it is only because of you all.

I will miss you all. Though I am resigning, I would request you all to stay in touch through my personal number 9494-384903-3834


Brad Pitt

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