Employment Letters

Employment Letters

Employment letters are formal letters written at various points in time.  They could be written both from the employer’s side as well as the employee’s side.  These letters are necessary for professional/official communication.

Cover letters, interview thank you letters, job acceptance letters, employment reference letters, etc. are all termed as employment letters.  Sample letters can help you to formulate these letters to suit your particular needs.

While writing any kind of employment letter it is important to keep the tone formal and cordial.  Use simple and clear language avoiding slang and clichés.  Make your letters unique while maintaining the standard business format.

Keep the letters short and simple.  The opening paragraph must clearly state why you are writing the letter.  The body of the letter can be made up of two or three paragraphs depending on the content.  While concluding, sum up your purpose and sign off courteously.

Employment Letter

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