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Employment Verification Letter

Sample Employment Verification Letter

The US Department of Home Security

United States of America Citizenship

Tailor Street, 45 club house

United States of America.

Re: The Permanent Residence of Thomas Mathew

Dear Sir\Madam:

This is a conformation letter that Mr. Thomas Mathew is going to be employed with us on a full time basis, only after receiving an approval of his permanent address of residence application. He will be taking away a monthly salary of $2000. He will be working for the post of a Software General Manager, and will be doing the following duties:

He will have to develop a full life-cycle entity oriented software. These will include designing of application’s specifications, analysis, the documentation of the software, the user requirements, and the development of the programming using Java and/or C++ languages, the Windows NT, the design of the graphical user interfaces and the Object-Oriented Databases(OODBMS) using the OMT Methodology, testing and implementation.

You can feel free to contact us any time if your office would require any more information.


Mr. Harold Pinter,

West Monster Words.

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