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Employment Application Letter

Sample Employment Application Letter

ABC Company
67 Delaware Road
Chatfield, SA 08065
(908) 554-5595


Dear Mr. Milhooley,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of a programmer, which has been advertised in the Union Times. As you have requested, I am hereby enclosing a copy of my completed job application, a copy of my resume, my certification and three references.

The opportunities that you have presented in this record are very interesting, and I strongly believe that my experience in technicality and my education will surely make me a very suitable candidate for this post. The main strengths that I hold for success in this post are:

I have designed, supported and developed successfully the live use of applications

I make every effort for determined excellence

I also provide some exceptional contributions to the customer service for all the customers

Please check my resume for any additional information regarding my experience.

I can be contacted anytime via email or my cell phone, 908-554-5595.

Thanking you,


Charles Mathew

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