Employment Letters

Employment Transfer Letter


Ron Howard

Assistant Manager

Marketing Manager

Gas Garments Limited

78 Universal High Street

Holly Wood Los Angeles 6789

Dated: 12th of March 2012

Subject: Employment transfer

Dear Mr. Howard,

This is to inform you that you will be transferred to the marketing department of Fashion Garments Limited from the marketing department of our organization, Gas Garments. You employment is going to be transferred.

Fashion Garments Limited used to be the twenty percen51% shareholder of your organization Gas garments Limited, but, now they have acquired one hundred percent shares. As a result from 20th of March 2012 you will be employed under Fashion Garments Limited. Your designation will remain same as that of an assistant marketing manager. Moreover there would be no revision in your salary structure, but, you would be reporting to a different office address located at: 34 Grant Road, Holly Wood Los Angeles 6782.

I hope you agree to the above employment transfer.


Jack Nicholson

HR Manager.

Fashion Garments Limited.

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