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Employment Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I write this recommendation letter for my former employee, Ms. Hazel Roy. Ms. Roy has worked in my fashion boutique as a sales woman for the past eight months. The range of tasks that she performs on a daily basis include catering to the various needs of customers such as finding appropriate dress sizes, entertaining inquiries and providing all sorts of assistance as deemed necessary.

During the past eight months, Ms. Roy has shown exceptional dedication and pride in her work. She carries her tasks and herself with great confidence and style. Beyond being a physically attractive, charming and fashionable sales person, she also possesses basic knowledge on fashion.

She has successfully established rapport and gained the trust of many clients from different walks of life, with her winning personality and eagerness to serve. As her former employer, I can definitely say that Ms. Roy’s performance has been able to meet, even exceed my expectations. I believe she will benefit greatly by being employed in a bigger fashion house with a more general focus.


Karyl Zshamaine

Fashion Designer, Owner, Elle21 Boutique, NY

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