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Court Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I have personally known Mr. Lester Rutherford for the last eight years. His grandparents are close friends of my family and we have been living as neighbors for almost ten years. Lester moved in to his grandparents’ home until two years ago. He had been friends to my children and he visits his grandparents’ home regularly. He often comes over to our home to have a chat with my family.

I can attest that Lester is a trustworthy and honest person. I have confidence in him to look after my house or receive my mail whenever I was away for holidays.

Although I am aware that he had a troubled childhood with his parents, resulting to transferring him under the custody of his grandparents, he showed the characteristics of a good person. He had an initiative in helping his grandparents as well as other neighbors who need help in chores.

Lester has told me was facing charges for willful damage. He said that all of the actions were unintentional and the incident happened because he was under the influence of alcohol. He is very sorry for the incident since he does not normally behave like that. He even said that he would be willing to pay any damage he had caused.

Sincerely yours,

Jenna Hathaway

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