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Doctoral Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

As with the formal request of Mr. Peter Oslo for a reference for his admission to the Doctoral program offered by your school, I am writing this letter in full support to his endeavor to be admitted to the Doctoral program for Engineering Studies.

I have direct account to his academic performance as a college student since he was under my supervision as his college advisor for the past two years. He was very eager to finish his studies and have bright plans ahead of his graduation from his chosen Engineering course. I can attest that with his exemplary scores from the assessment examination as well as his excellent General Weighted Average. He was even included in the Dean’s List and has been a scholar of the university during his five years of college.

I believe that these qualifications are very much essential for a person who wants to pursue a Doctoral Degree. I hope that you would also see his potential and accept his admission to the doctoral program.

If you have other questions about Mr. Oslo, feel free to contact me on the numbers indicated on the letterhead.


Martin Cullman Ph.D.

College Secretary

Engineering Department

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