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Draft Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great honor and pride that I create this recommendation letter for my colleague Mr. Byron Kent. Mr. Kent and I have worked in the same psychiatric unit for the past two years.

His profound appreciation and deep understanding of psychiatric nursing is evident in his remarkable performance in the unit. For the past two years, Mr. Kent has handled a broad range of psychiatric cases of both male and female patients of all ages. Among his skills is administering medications via oral, parenteral and intravenous route and making competent psychiatric nursing care plans.

During his stay in the area, Mr. Kent has mastered the art of effective communication and caring for the mentally ill. He has effectively met the physical, psychological and emotional needs of these patients while rendering care in an unbiased and individualized approach. Among Mr. Kent’s many strengths is his patience which enables him to be of assistance to even the most demanding of psychiatric patients.

These myriad of good qualities, I believe, will make him a good candidate for the position of private psychiatric nurse in your international hospital.


Riza Ambers

Registered Nurse

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