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Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a source of great pride and joy to compose this Eagle Scout letter of recommendation my dear friend Mark Sheridan. I have known Mr. Sheridan for the past seven years, as he is a good friend of my nephew in school and we live in the same neighborhood.

Mr. Sheridan is a reputable, reliable and trustworthy person, as evidenced by the manner in which he lives his life. He carries out his daily activities diligently and with such honesty and takes pride in his work. He is known as a man of his word; a person of integrity. Mr. Sheridan is not one to turn his back on a neighbor in need.

I believe that he is an eligible candidate for an Eagle Scout sincehe lives his life in accordance with the principles set by the Eagle Scout.

Rest assured that the contents of this letter was kept strictly confidential and created for the eyes only of the members of the Eagle Scout Board of Review. Neither are the contents of the letter discussed with the candidate before or after the time that of completion.


Mr. George Florsheim

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