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Education Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I know your standards for education is quite high and naturally, you would want your children to have the best education available.

In this regard, I recommend Ateneo de Naga University to you. It sets the standard of education in the region and has produced graduates of impeccable quality and leadership that is unmatched by any other school in the country.

The performance of the graduates of its educational system are far more superior that those who came from other institutions. This fact was rewarded by the Department of Education by giving it complete autonomous status. It is the only educational institution to be given such distinction in the entire country.

I therefore take pride in giving you this recommendation, as I am sure it will not give me any embarrassment in case you take my word for it. The final decision would still be in your hands. However, I would stress out the importance of availing the best education available. Many seek such an opportunity and fail because there is nothing that can offer them a quality education. The opportunity is right within your reach. I would encourage you to grab it.


John Smith


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