Termination Letters

Employment Contract Termination Letter

Manager HRD and Admin,

ICICC Finance Inc,

New York- 11711


June 03, 2011

Mr. Michael Hardy,

Finance Executive,

Finance Dept.

Dear Mr. Hardy,

Sub- Termination of service contract

Ref- Our Letter no. 11.225.22/Performance/ Dated 05/10/2011

With reference to our letter as mentioned above we have asked you a lot for improvement in your services. We have also found that you are not fulfilling the contract terms and conditions. Despite of continuous reminder to you, you have not become serious about the job.

Company feels that if you continue to do as such then it will spoil the company’s performance when others are putting their level best. Taking all these things in the mind the management has decided that the company does need your services any longer.

So, we are terminating our contract for the finance executive with you from June10, 2011. Company wishes you all the best for your career with other company and hopes that you will become serious about your job from here onwards.

Thanking You,


HRD Head

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