Donation Letters

Donation Letter to MNC


Ms. Sarah Bailey

National Coordinator

Bright Star Charity Fund

1000 State Road

Princeton, NJ 08540

Mr. Carl Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Smart Technology Inc.

1 East 33rd Street

New York, NY 10016

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Bright Star Charity Fund is a non-profit and non-stock charitable institution that enables orphans and vulnerable children in less developed countries to attend primary and secondary schools. Our main thrust is to give hope to these children to become productive members of their communities in the future.

By becoming a partner in our endeavor through your financial support, Smart Technology Inc. will earn media exposure since our local partners in different countries prominently feature the company profile of our donors in leading newspapers.

We use specially designated funds from our benevolent benefactors for the specifically designated purpose of our different programs. It is our desire that you help us build hope for the countless children who are deprived of their right to education due to poverty. You can be assured that all financial contributions are delivered to target groups of a particular country to realize the educational needs of children. Bright Star Charity Fund is managed entirely by volunteers and no one among us working for the institution receives any sort of salary. Volunteers from your company is very much welcome.

A child somewhere out there is hopefully waiting for a bright future. Please call 609-228-7300 for your donation and for further inquiries.


Sarah Bailey

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