Donation Letters

Donation Letter to Library


Mr. Aaron McGregor


Rex Publishing House

44 Birch Street

Marblehead, MA 01945

Ms. Audrey Lockhart

Chief Librarian

Abbot Public Library

555 Pleasant Street

Marblehead, MA 01945

Dear Ms. Lockhart,

From the time of the founder of our publishing house, we have taken upon us to ensure that we imbibe in our youth the love for reading. This responsibility has taken on a more serious consideration with the advancement in technology sensing the youth of today are more drawn to electronic gadgets than books.

Inspired by our vision of providing quality reading books to every youth, the of Board of Directors of Rex Publishing House has approved the donation of 500 juvenile books to Abbot Public Library. This addition to your wide selection of reading materials will attract the youth to frequent your place and experience the wonderful world of reading.

We hope that in this way we could impart a legacy for the development of the youth to become the living hope of the future.

Please expect our delivery of the books on (Specify Date). Should you have further clarifications on this donation, please call us at 614-340-9999.


Aaron McGregor

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