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Donation letter to church

Mr. Joseph Bracken

Oliver St

Moreno Valley, CA 92555

December 21, 2010

Rev. Nick Lambert


Evangelical Church

Dear Rev. Lambert,

Warm greetings!

I am a parish member of your church and I found out during the mass last Sunday that the church is in need of funds to buy new musical instruments for the church choir.  I used to be a member of a band and I have several musical instruments including a piano at home that I would like to donate to the church.  I am no longer using the instruments since our band stopped performing and I am sure that the instruments would be put to good use and care by the church choir.

The instruments are a bit old but they are still functional.  I hope my donation will help address your problem.  I am a music lover and love praise music.  I sincerely hope the choir will be happy to receive my donation.

Truly yours,

Joseph Bracken

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One reply on “Donation letter to church”

Hello, Mr. Joseph Bracken

May peace , glory and the Love of the Lord be with you as you remainfaithful in Him.
It is my hope that you are diong well in the Lord and with the family too. I’m Pastor Enock Bwengwe Ngelelo, from Republic Demogratic of Congo,but myself, I’m studing in Kenya doing Bible and Theology. We are in a great need of the musical intruments for our church choir,please can you help us with those instruments even if they are old? to you they are old but to us they will be the new one.

Thankyou somuch for your understanding , God bless you somuch.
Pass my greetings to all in the Church , mfriends and family. Yours in The Lord Pastor Eonck.

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