Donation Letters

Donation Letter Format


[Name of the letter recipient]

[Designation of the recipient]

[Address of the recipient]

[Write the date on which is the letter is sent to the recipient]

Dear _____________ [use an appropriate salutation to address the recipient],

First Paragraph: [In this paragraph, the sender should introduce the NGO, welfare association or institution to the recipient. The sender needs to mention about an enclosed specific document or informative pamphlets if there is any]

Second Paragraph: [In this paragraph, the sender should write about the functioning of the concerned welfare institution. Here, the sender can mention about the expected amount of donation including the procedure]

Third Paragraph: [The sender can provide the contact details including phone number, e-mail id and the official website in this paragraph. The sander must thank the donation letter recipient for their support & interest]

You’re sincerely,

[Write the name of the sender]

[Designation of the sender]

[Name of the NGO, association or institution the sender belongs to]

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