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Cute Courtship Letter

November 20, 2010

Dearest Elizabeth,

I get tongue-tied everytime I see you, so here’s my simple, old-fashioned way of expressing what I feel for you.

I have known you for only a month but I feel like I have known you forever.  We share so many things in common – the food we like, the kind of people we want to be with, our aspirations, our dream family, our hopes for the world.  Everytime you speak, I feel so at ease, I feel like I can share everything with you.

My friends have been witness to the effect you have on me.  Whenever I see you, they say my eyes light up and there is a certain bounce in my step.  I talk hours and hours about you – our short trips, our long walks.

I have never been this comfortable with someone else.  You are that soul mate I have long been waiting for.  Please say you’ll never leave my side.

Hugs and kisses,


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