Credit Letters

Credit Letter


John Lennon,

Branch Manager

Reserve Bank of UK

34 Tango Charlie Road,

London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Credit to guarantee payment to the seller

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that our organization would like your financial support in the form of credit. We would like you to be the guarantor for the amount we have to pay the seller.

Our organization, Gentle Retail Stores buys garments in bulk from Gas Garments Limited.  We have to make the complete payment at the purchase. At the time of purchase it may be difficult for us to make the complete payment, so we would like you to stand as our financial guarantor to make the payment on time to the seller and for the full amount.  We would of course return the payment in monthly installments along with the specific interest rate.

We would be really grateful if you approve this credit letter.

Thanking you,

Jane Austen.

MD, Gentle Retail Stores.

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