Cancellation Letters

Credit Card Cancellation Request Letter


Maria Johns

Bank Manager

XYZ Bank

8/23, Main Office Building

Park Road

Oak Brook, IL

13th Feb 2012

Subject: Request for cancellation of Credit Card

Dear Ms. Johns,

I am writing this letter to get my credit card cancelled. I am using your bank’s credit card since the last two years and had been quite satisfied with your services earlier. However from the last three months, my credit card statement is showing some discrepancy. I had reported the issue at your customer service department but haven’t received any satisfactory reply from them.

I use this credit card quite frequently and have been making the payments on time regularly. But your bank officials have charged some extra interest in the last three statements. I have been trying to discuss this issue with your staff members but not getting any solution. I therefore request you to cancel my credit card in the name of Sandra Brown with number 998-889-765. Enclosed with this letter are the details of my card.

Thanks and Regards,

Sandra Brown

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