Credit Letters

Credit Authorization Letter


Jim Courier

56 Green Wood Road

New York, New jersey 5678

Dated: 12th of June 2011

Subject: Authorization of the credit applied

Dear Jim,

This is in regards to the home loan applied by you for an amount of $50000 on 1st of June 2011. We would like to inform that your loan amount has been authorized.

After an individual applies for loan from us we do a credit check on the individual. We check the credit history and credit rating of the person. We have done a similar check on you and we found that you have a good credit rating. There is no outstanding amount from your previous loan and you have always made timely payments. The loan authorized will be for a period of ten years and the interest amount charged will be 10% compounded annually.

We are enclosing a form along with the letter which you need to sign and return.


Roger Moore

Credit Manager

National housing Loan

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