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Cover Letters Grad School

January 4, 2009

Dr. Katherine Gomez

Admissions Chairperson

University of Illinois School of Medicine

HSSB Room 203

Chicago, IL 23125

Dear Dr. Gomez,

My colleagues informed me that the University of Illinois would have a physical therapy program next year. I am very interested in pursuing my career in the university with its strong reputation in this medical field. I have already accumulated about 250 hours of volunteer work at the Lung Center Hospital of Chicago, which gave me sufficient knowledge and experience for different physical therapy procedures. I am expecting to finish my undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy this May 2009.

Some of the duties I have performed during my volunteer work at the hospital include wound care, implementation of proper exercise programs to patients and analyzing nervous system injuries and mobility impairment cases. These practices allowed me to familiarize and be proficient on patient rehabilitation especially for hip and knee surgery cases.

I have also taken other valuable courses that I can use to focus on a specialization in the physical therapy field. My adviser advised to continue my career at the University of Illinois with its strong background in the medical field.

I would gladly appreciate becoming a physical therapy student at your school and I am look forward to speak with you regarding my application. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Aaron Gonzales

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